Welcome to my blog!

This site has just been moved yesterday to a new host. After so many years with yahoo, I decided to move to a different company. Unfortunately, yahoo could NOT provide me with the necessary tools to host Joomla sites on their servers due to company policy. I respect that and I really have to say I enjoyed their excellent services but it is time now to move on 😉

I have spent the last two days trying to restore the site back as it once was. It hasn’t been easy due to numerous problems with the database. Some of the tables were truncated and I had to do a manual restore. Unfortunately, I couldn’t restore the user table because of the encrypted passwords. If you’ve been here before and you can’t log into your account, please register again. Your previous account do NOT exist anymore. I am sorry for the inconveniences. The good news is that all posts and comments previously approved by the moderator were fully restored. The present template may look great but there is an even more beautiful version of it which I hope to restore back as soon as possible.

Okay! Enough of the bla bla…

Here you’ll find tutorials and documentations on various IT topics. Please feel free to use the information gathered here for your personal or commercial needs. Your ideas and contributions will be highly appreciated. While I welcome your contributions, I have zero tolerance for abuses, insults and racism in any form. There is absolutely no room for racism or intolerance here. The comments from violators will be immediately discarded and their IP addresses blacklisted. The blacklist shall be passed over to the authorities and other sites for further actions. Please respect others while you expect other fellow human beings to respect you and your views.

Enjoy the work and ideas of others while you contribute to make this blog a better one.

Thank you!

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